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Come Rain or Come Shine

3 Samples Below:  Take A Chance With Romance, Blue Over You, Come Rain Or Come Shine


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Producer: David Heckendorn
Recorded and Mixed at BIOYA Studios, Paterson, NJ
Engineer: Lou Argese

All music arranged and conducted by David Heckendorn

     "Come Rain or Come Shine" is the debut album for David Heckendorn, a songwriter, composer, and musician who has long merited artistic recognition and wider public exposure. David's unique song style reveals his philosophy of love and life - a vision he expresses with poetic eloquence. His music pays homage to the American popular standard and demonstrates a sincere respect for the jazz tradition."                                                                                     Steve Fitzko

     "The Cd features eight original tunes and four standards. The title song by Mercer and Arlen, the Kurt Weil tune "Speak Low", "A Very Precious Love" from the movie "Marjorie Morningstar", and "Not While I'm Around"   by Stephen Sondheim are all sung by myself with the very talented Annie O'Hara joining me on "Not While I'm Around". Annie is also heard on several of my originals including a solo performance on the Spanish tune "Vida". the eight original pieces vary from Blues to latin Jazz. Great expressive playing both by the ensemble and in solo passages by the individuals. "Come Rain Or Come Shine" is a real crowd pleaser. I enjoyed giving several concerts and playing such clubs as Birdland with this group. Always a good time had by all. the musicianship on the Cd is outstanding. Steve is featured on Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Jim Pugh and Charles Gordon share the Trombone honors, and Gerry Niewood, Bob Kenmotsu, Don Braden, and David Brandom are featured soloists on various woodwinds. The rhythm section consists of myself on piano, Bob Devos on guitar, Chris Meyers on bass and Ron Davis on Drums and percussion."                                                                                                                             David Heckendorn

Fourth of July

 3 Samples Below: Like A Flower, Broken Dream, It All Happens To You


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Recorded in NYC  on the 7th of December 1990 and on February 7, 1991. Produced by David Heckendorn

Words and Music by David Heckendorn

I had met the talented drummer Ron Davis back in the late 1980’s when I began to revive the octet project.  We had been doing jazz gigs and club dates together for several years.  Ron passed away in 1996. I’m not sure he ever heard a recording of this session.  I think, you’ll agree, he sounds great.  I hope he would have been proud of our playing effort.

John Ray and Scott Colley share the Bass chairs - both superbly.  Bob Devos has become a recognized Guitar jazz virtuoso since this 1991 session and Gerry Niewood’s credits as a Saxophonist are far too numerous to explore within the structure of these program notes.

The music on this CD for Quintet varies from cool jazz that gets hotter and hotter like on “Soliloquy” and “Like A Flower” to vocal jazz where there are plenty of instrumental solos to go around.  Even a Spanish lyric to “Vida” which also happens to appear as the principal theme in the 3rd movement of my Alto Saxophone concerto.  You can check that piece out on my “Mr. Heckendorn’s Opus” CD played by none other than Gerry Niewood.

Wondering Where You've Gone

3 Samples Below:  The Course Of True Love, Deal Me In, Sometimes

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Produced by: 
David Heckendorn
Recording Engineer:
 Lou Argese at BIOYA Recording Studios
in Paterson, N.J.
All songs composed and arranged by David Heckendorn
Lyrics for Deal Me In by Hal Krieger

In 1998 I got the idea to compose a number of tunes for a larger ensemble than my two previous jazz CDs.  I added a trumpet, a baritone saxophone, and a percussionist the Octet and the result was a small big band that swings, grooves, and rocks in all the right places.  This group performed in concert and gave several workshops in public schools in the late 1990’s.  
  • Saxophonists Gerry Niewood, Tim Ries, and David Brandom Trumpets: Jerry Sokolov, Steve Fitzko, and Charles Gordon on Trombone; Rhythm section: Bob Devos - Guitar, Michael Richmond - Bass, Danny Gottlieb - Drums, Steve Finkelstein - Percussion

  •      "The ensemble playing on this recording is tight and swinging and the improvisations of the soloists are of an extremely high level and poetic nature.  It was such a pleasure to write for this aggregation of talented jazz virtuoso musicians and of course to play piano
  • with and sing a few tunes. This recording session of April 1998 is the continued evolution of something that began two years earlier on Valentine’s Day at the Wheatley School in Old Westbury, Long Island where I had taught instrumental music for 21 years. It was there these songs were premiered in concert."     David Heckendorn

The Bridge

3 Samples Below: Song For My Mother, Have You Met Miss Jones, Friends


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RECORDING AND MIXING: Studio K North, Esopus, New York
ENGINEER: William Kinslow 
COVER PHOTOGRAPHER: Elizabeth Heckendorn

The musicians on this CD are David Heckendorn - Piano and Vocals, Steve Fitzko - Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Gerry Niewood - Soprano and Alto Saxophone, Glenn Guidone - Tenor Saxophone, Joe Schaeffer Trombone,
Michael Hall - Bass, Ed Chiarello - Drums
As I listen to this album I am reminded of the inspiring couple of days and nights I spent in April 2004 at my home in Esopus with seven good friends making music and sharing the love we have for jazz. In that brief time ten expressions of personal experience were captured and realized through song, each painting a memory of a person, place, or moment. This recording date served as a “Bridge” to my inner life, between myself and my friends, and to a new beginning in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York State. Now one year later, as I listen to the final mix I find joy in the music’s honest and heartfelt expression. The fine ensemble playing blended with inventive individual improvisations makes this an exciting and reflective musical offering. A forever thanks and love to my mother, Marion Marie and my longtime friend, Michael Kamen.

"The Bridge" is a mix of 7 original instrumentals: Esopus, Another Time, Song For My Mother, Friends, I Remember Michael, The Bridge, Dance Night At The Northlight; 3 vocal American Standards: Bluesette, Have You Met Miss Jones, We'll Be Together Again.

All music composed by David Heckendorn except the 3 standards
All musical arrangements by David Heckendorn.

No Detour Ahead

3 Samples Below:  12 Midnight Blues, I Thought About You, Millennium Mambo


David Heckendorn - Producer                                                
Recorded on July 5th and 6th at BIOYA Studios, Paaterson,NJ
Engineer: Lou Argese                                                               
Mixed and mastered at Studio K, NYC by Bill Kinslow   

Personnel: David Heckendorn -vocals, arranger, conductor, Jerry Sokolov - Trumpet + Flugel, Steve Fitzko - Trumpet +Flugel,  Joe Schaefer - Trombone, David Brandom - Alto Saxophone + Clarinet, Glenn Guidone - Tenor Saxophon + Flute, Bill Kinslow - Soprano + Baritone Saxophone +Bass Clarinet, Bob Devos - Guitar, Mike Hall - Bass, Andrea Valentini - Drums + Percussion, Candido - Conga

"No Detour Ahead" features 6 vocal American standards together with 6 original instrumentals played by 10 fine and accomplished jazz musicians.  The following songs are performed: Twelve Midnight Blues, I Thought About You, The Oracle, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Millennium Mambo, Skylark, Whispering Breeze, Detour Ahead, If There's No You, Wrap Your Troubles, Street Of Dreams, My Sweetheart's Smile.        

Angel Eyes
3 Samples Below:  Pick Yourself Up, How Deep Is The Ocean, Lover 

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Recorded on July 21 + 22, 2008 at Lea Studios, Ulster Park, NY
David Heckendorn - Producer, Arranger, Conductor
Bill Kinslow and DH - Recording and mixing engineers.

Dave Heckendorn sings the following standards with his 10 piece jazz orchestra plus strings: Yesterdays, The Second Time Around, How Deep Is The Ocean, Pick Yourself Up, you've Changed, Lover, I'm Glad There's You, When In Rome, The Shadow Of Your Smile, I Remember April, How Insensitive, A Ghost Of A Chance, Don't Worry 'Bout Me, Deed I Do, Here's That Rainy Day, Angel Eyes.

Personnel: Woodwinds: Bill Kinslwo, Jim Perry, John Tendy, Dale DeMarco; Brass: Larry Moses, Steve Fitzko, Vito Speranza, Joe Schaefer, Eric Ordway; Guitar - Matt Finck, Bass - Lew Scott, Drums and Percucussion - Gene Randolph, Drums - Peter O'Brien, Violin - Leonid Levin, Cello - Joseph Kimura

"Probably closest to my heart is the American Songbook - and performing with such professional and gifted musicians who are like-minded artists who share my deep love and enthusiasm for this music".  DH

Ghosts Of My Memory  

3 Samples Below: What The Heck, Why Not, Where Do You Run?

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David Heckendorn Producer

Additional Production - John Tendy

Recorded, mixed and mastered at IndexJazz in

Yorktown Heights, NY on July 13, 2009                               

Recording and mix engineer - John Tendy 

Assistant Engineer - Bill Kinslow 

Cover Art - Herm Freeman

Personnel: Jim Perry, John Tendy, Dale DeMarco, Larry Moses, Vito Speranza, Eric Ordway, David Heckendorn, Matthew Finck, Lew Scott, and Peter O'Brien

"When I think about some of the great writers I have heard and performed for in my career as a trumpet player, whether it be jazz, classical, or pop music, the common denominator seems to be the emotional element of the music . When I play David Heckendorn's original compositions, it is obvious to me that this is a master craftsman who knows how to really get the most out of his ensembles as far as textures, rhythmic displacements, and the element of surprise... but, it's the emotional aspect of the music that captures, and I saw and heard that in the performance of my colleagues in the ensemble on this disc....ENJOY!" 

                                 Larry Moses (former member of The Buddy Rich Big Band and The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra)

"Living in the Hudson Valley since 2002 I found that the natural beauty of the landscape and the serenity that the mountains provide help create a powerful source of inspiration. Upon connecting to a vital jazz community as far south as West Point to points as far north as Saugerties, I was motivated to form a new band that would allow me to continue writing in a style that had already seen four previous CDs released with downstate musicians. The talented musicians and the personal connections I made produced a profound and enjoyable musical experience for myself and I hope for you – the listener."   

                                                                                                                                     David Heckendorn, February, 2010
Caribbean Sol

3 Samples Below:  Anniversary Samba, Underneath A Palapa, Leo The Conga Man


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  • PERSONNEL: Amanda Hall – vocals, Rick Heckendorn - vocals, David Heckendorn – vocals, piano, Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Sax, Bill Kinslow – Alto Saxophone, Flute, Robert Polan – Oboe, English Horn, Neal Haiduck – Clarinet, Steve Fitzko – Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Joe Schaefer – Trombone, Steve Salerno – Guitar, Lew Scott – Bass, Gene Randolph – Drums and percussion, Leonid Levin - Violin
  • All music composed by David Heckendorn except #8 ("Besame Mucho")
  • All words written by David Heckendorn except #3 ("Caribbean Solo") and #8
  • All music arranged by David Heckendorn
  • Recorded during the summer of 2006 at Lea Studios, NY
  • Executive Producer – David Heckendorn
  • Associate Producers – Joe Schaefer and Bill Kinslow
  • Recording and Mixing Engineer – David Heckendorn
  • Cover Photo by Gina Guariglia-Kelly

"In February 2006 my brother Rick, and his wife, Arlene invited my wife, Barbara and I to join them on a vacation to the Riviera Maya, Mexico in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their first date. When I listen to the music on this CD, as with looking at my brother's photo albums, I am instantly  transported to the magical land of Mexico and once again, I'm reminded how good life can be when it is shared with the people we love."  DH, January 2010