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Mr. Heckendorn's Opus

3 Samples Below:  Alto Saxophone Concerto - Mvt. 1, Alto Concerto Mvt. 3,  Clarinet Quintet


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"When I returned from Portland, Oregon after having served as Production Music Coordinator, arranger, and special advisor to Richard Dreyfuss for the major motion picture 'Mr. Holland's Opus' during the summer of 1996, I began to revise, rewrite, and create new works to be programmed on a concert given at the school where I had taught for 21 years.  The story behind 'Mr. Holland's Opus' in obvious ways mirrors mine and so calling a concert and a CD 'Mr. Heckendorn's Opus' was a logical choice. The concert was given on June 21, 1997 and this CD soon followed."  DH

The Compatriot Orchestra is conducted by David Heckendorn
Producer: David Heckendorn
Recorded by Bill Kinslow at Studio K, NYC

Alto Saxophone Soloist: Gerry Niewood
Clarinet Soloist: Dennis Josephs


3 Samples Below: Schlafe Traumend Im Himmel, Home From Vienna, Dialogue


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This Cd contains music I composed while residing in Bratislava, Slovakia during the summer of 1997.

Produced by David Heckendorn
Recorded and mastered at Studio K, NYC
Engineer: Bill Kinslow

The cover is a 1914 portrait of the composer's maternal grandparents Frederick and Emma Koop, with two sons Fred and Harold, and their oldest daughter Marion (the composer's mother) for whom this Cd is dedicated.

The Compatriot Chamber Players: David Heckendorn - Conductor, Gary Topper - Flute, Robert Polan - Oboe, Bill Kinslow - Clarinet, Dennis Joseph - Clarinet + Bass Clarinet, Louise Campell - Clarinet, Vincent Parizeau - Bassoon, David Brandom - Alto Saxonphone, Ray Beckenstein - Alto Saxophone, Matthew Beecher - French horn, Samir Abd-Elmessih - French horn, Katherine A. Desinger - Sopprano, Leonid Levin - Violin, Ardith Holmgrain - Viola, Debbie Sepe - Cello, Jeffrey Beecher - Bass


3 Samples below: Metamorphosis, Il Pleure Sans Dans Mon Couer, Romance


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7 new classical chamber works for winds, strings, and voice including

"Make A Joyful Noise", "Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur", "Serendipity",
"An Afternoon Meditation", "Metamorphosis", "1 Corinthians 13", "Romance".

The ensemble: David Heckendorn - Conductor, Joseph Trent - Flute,
Neal Haiduck - Clarinet, William Kinslow - Alto Saxophone, Dennis Joseph - Bass Clarinet, Leonid Levin - Violin 1, Vilen Dneil - Violin 2, Pamela Becker - Viola, Ross DeBardlaben - Viola, Katherine Desinger - Soprano, Melanie Yarger - Cello, Dennis Christians - Bass

"When I was commissioned to compose a piece of music based on "1 Corinthians 13" by the trustees at St. Patrick's Cathedral, I chose also to write a composition inspired by the 100th Psalm("Make A Joyful Noise"). Both were premiered on a program dedicated to a performance of my chamber music on October 29, 1000 in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral of St. Patrick's in New York City. When it came time for me to record this music I decided that the recording of five additional selections would make a meaningful presentation and representation of chamber music that I had composed during this thee year period (1998 - 2001). I hope that you hear within this music an integrity of intention, a clarity of vision, and an honesty of expression that will invite yo to explore your own life's metamorphosis."   David Heckendorn


“The Chamber Music of David Heckendorn” took place at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, the Lady Chapel, at 2:30 PM on Sunday, October 29, 2000 as part of the Cathedral’s Chamber Music Series.  The concert was a well-rehearsed performance of exceptional beautiful chamber music. The pieces were varied and well ordered, conducted by the composer, and Mr. Heckendorn’s collaboration with soprano Katherine Desinger, violinist Leonid Levin, and dramatic speaker Robert Brandt created an artistic union that could easily hold its own with any world class chamber group”.

“Thematically, Mr. Heckendorn’s concert was about communication: how we communicate with those around us, with our loved ones, with our world, with our God, with everything.  The motif of communication was paramount in virtually every aspect of the performance, from the composer’s warm addresses to the audience, introducing the pieces, to the collegial rapport between the composer and his musicians. Rarely have I seen classical musicians who smiled, even as they played, responding quickly and confidently to the most subtle of Mr. Heckendorn’s conducting gestures. The result, ultimately, was a highly enjoyable concert, allowing the audience to walk away satisfied, if not even powerfully moved by the music”.   
Rick Wilson, EWTA United 

The Meadow Lark

In February 21, 2004: 'The Meadow Lark", a commissioned work for the Mitchell Museum in Mount Vernon, Illinois, was premiered by the Cedarhurst Choral Project and the Pacifica Quartet with the composer conducting. The composer was in residence for two weeks working in the schools and meeting with members of the community.

On September 27, 2003 I performed a concert of my classical chamber music and jazz with four members of the S.I.U. faculty and my colleague, William Kinslow, from New York. This was in celebration of the 25th anniversary season of Cedarhurst Chamber Music Series, Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Nature's Universal Throne

On July 4, 2000, the world premiere of "Nature's Universal Throne", a symphonic ode with narration was performed by the N.R.O. under the direction of Carl Topilow in Breckenridge, Colorado. This piece was commissioned by the Summit County Arts Council through the American Composers Forum (NEA grant) as part of the Continental Harmony program. Continental Harmony is an associate partner of the White House Millennium Council.